Lot 1850. Belt set, ostgerman under Byzantine influence, early 6. Century

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Lot 1850 | Belt set, ostgerman under Byzantine influence, early 6. Century
Belt buckle hardware, belt tongue, with garnet and glass inserts in the so-called "colorful style". The belt buckle made of Bronze with animal head mandrel and a rectangular base. Base, the eyes and ears of the animal head originally, with Garnet inlays, and these only to the eyes and the base. The hangers were laterally inserted with a stylized bird of prey heads, their neck, eye and Beak are also complete with garnet tiles. Of the six, three received. In the bottom of the eye still remnants of the Paste that was under the liner. Surface with a green oxide layer covered. Height 4.8, length 4.2 cm. Five of the same type belt fittings, made of silver metal strips soldered together. Inside were four almond-shaped sockets for the garnet platelet, in the Form of a St. Andrew's cross. In the middle of recording for a Deposit (lost). On all of the dam the remains of a blue glass would paste. In the corners of the cylindrical tube made of silver metal, the silver pins are guided, with small, rectangular counter-fittings for fastening on the belt. Length of each approx: 2.5 cm, height of the sheet metal box without the silver pins, each approx. 5 mm. The belt tongue with a similar pattern, on one side rounded. The four pins on the bottom without fitting directly on the base plate flat and knocked on the door. On the upper side of a belt clamp pins with four Silver, which is connected to the belt end with the belt tongue. Length 4.3 cm. A height of 6 mm. Mediterranean belt set of the so-called "colorful style" of late antiquity, rarely so fully with so many deposits. Provenance: From an Austrian private collection, acquired in the 1990s from the stock of an Austrian art dealer. Condition: II -

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