Lot 696. Hand-drawings.

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Lot 696 | Hand-drawings.
Hand-drawings. 4 works on the subject.

Contains: Becker,F Fifty Drawings by Old Masters in private Collection. Leipzig 1922. Fol. With 50 Sheets. 12 PP., 2 Bl. Loose in original parchment-Mp. - Hundred Masterpieces, a selection from the pietures by old masters which form it have formed part of the Sedelmeyer Gallery. Paris, 1914. 411. M. 100 Taf. Original canvas - Friedländer,M. J hand drawings dt. Master in the Herzogl. Continuing authorities-library to Dessau. Stuttgart, Krais Of 1914. Fol. 79 mont. Light pressure plates. 8 Bl. Half-leather of the time - It is the panels 16 and 34 are missing. Builder,E drawings of the old masters in fürstlich fürstenbergische copper engraving Cabinet of the Prince of Donaueschingen. München, Hugo Schmidt, 1920. Gr.Fol. 16-part color mont. Taf. 2 Bl. Loose in the canvas folder. (Tls. loads.). - A v. 200 Ex. Textbl. stronger browned. - All folders (3) with the "ex-libris Leopold Ruzicka", an original etching in red print by Hans Erni.

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