Lot 531. Mataré, Ewald . High Valve Relief. 1949

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Lot 531 | Mataré, Ewald . High Valve Relief. 1949
Mataré, Ewald (1887 Aachen - 1965 Büderich / Neuss ). Bronze, dark brown patina. High relief on irregular rectangular cut plate and Rear hanger 39.5 x 54.5 cm Below the middle of the Signum Matarés provided. One of 8 copies. List Of Works: Shilling No 326 Provenance: Private Ownership, Germany Literature: Sven-Franska Konstgalleriet, Ewald Mataré, Skulpturer Träsnitt 1921-1953, Stockholm, 1954, Catalogue, No. 258. Biennale voor Beeldhouwkunst middelheim Park, Antwerp, 1957, exhibition catalogue 4, no. 104. Kölnischer Kunstverein, Ewald Mataré. Sculptures, wood cuts, watercolors from 1920 to 1965, Cologne, 1966, no. 37 with illustration gallery Günther Franke, Ewald Mataré, for a memorial, Munich, 1966, no. 19. Municipal Museum, Mataré, Trier, 1966, no. 17 with Fig. on p. 9. Städtische Kunsthalle, Ewald Mataré. Sculptures, Crafts, Hand-Drawings, Watercolors, Prints, Düsseldorf, 1967 , No. 59. Citizens Hall, Mataré. The Fountain, Hagen 1967, No. 27. Kritzraedthuis, Ewald Mataré, Sittard, 1969, No 33. Suermondt-Museum, Ewald Mataré, Aachen, 1973, No. 26. Hanns Theodor Flemming, Ewald Mataré, Munich 1955, p. 28, no. 27 figure Ewald Matarés shows in high relief a clear and curved shapes reduced stylized rooster, the contrasts of uneven and asymmetrically designed Background. Clarity and objectivity, Aesthetics and perfection are combined in one plant. Animal sculptures are one of Matarés trademark, where he deals exclusively with the domestic animal world. The subjective perception and lifelike picture is given here for the benefit of a perfected form of abstraction. In this respect, Matarés work is related to the organic abstraction of Hans Arps and Constantin Brancusi. Ewald Mataré, whose work of the national socialists was branded as "degenerate art", held after the second world war, with numerous commissioned works for public space (such as the bronze doors for the Cologne, and Salzburg Cathedral) and by his activity as a teacher at the düsseldorf art Academy, a great influence on a whole Generation of artists - not least his important students of Joseph Beuys, and Erwin Heerich.

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