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Lot 1312Island, The.
Island, The. Monthly magazine with book decorations and illustrations. Publisher v. O. J. Bierbaum, A. W. Heymel, and R. A. Schröder. 3 Jgge. (all Published) in 10 volumes. With very numerous, often full-page art Nouveau illustrations. Berlin, Schuster & Loeffler, u. of Leipzig, Insel-Verlag, 1899 - 1902. Gr.-8°. and 8°. Approx. 4000 S. OHpgtbde. (Jg. 1), Opbde. (Jg. 2) u Hpgtbde. the time m. Rt. (Jg. 3). (Tls. best. u rubbed, some easy fl. u. browned, in part, Related defects).

Sarkowski 1974-82; Diesch 2696; Kirchner 15629; Sławno I, 60. - Artistic among literary contributions immensely magazine of the German youth rich style. The first Jg. the most expensive was. Per quarter (3 issues) created the artist Gg. Lemmmen, H. Vogeler, Th. Th. Heine and E. R. White of their uniform, book jewelry, the perfect example for this time and the beginnings of the island publishing house. The following artists were in the Success of the 2. Jg. involved: M. Behmer, E. M. Geyger, F. Vallotton, H. Vogeler, A. J. Gaskin, inter alia, of This and the following Jg. but no ornemantalen book jewelry more. The last, alone, from the beer tree supervised Jg., Schröder had withdrawn because of the 'Jolly business' by the editors, is smaller in Format & hardly any illustration. With numerous print, part of publications of foreign-u. pre-print by the publisher, H. v. Hofmannsthal (The Emperor and the witch), Liliencron, R. Walser, Wedekind, Borchardt, Nietzsche, Scheerbart, lead, H. man, R. M. Rilke, and many others, as well as numerous Translations. Authors. - Jg. 1 print on wove paper, otherwise on normal paper.

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