Lot 341. Justianus.

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Lot 341Justianus.
Justianus. Codex Justianiani. The big book of Legal statutes, the hochlöblichtsten ... Iustiniani. Verteütscht by Martinum Pegium. Ingolstadt, Alexander and Samuel white horn 1566. Fol. 10 nn., CXCII num. Bl. Title in Red and printed in Black. Model Half-Parchment

VD16 C 5260. Stalla 498. - First and only edition of this German Translation of the Codex Iustiniani, of the third part of the "Corpus iuris civilis", which contains about 4600 Emperor leave from the time of Hadrian to Justinian, and up to the beginning of the 19th century. Century - ermangels other works, in Parts its validity should keep. The main content of the "Corpus iuris" refers to the area of private law. His stay at the end of the world-historical significance derives from the Italian law of 12. to 14. Century, especially the Florentine scholar Accursius (1182-1263), a representative of the group of the "Glossa gates", the commentators of law-historical works. - Gest. Name & no a. T., ex-libris.

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