Lot 38. Meissen. Coffee service '1001 night' for up to 8 persons

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Lot 38Meissen. Coffee service '1001 night' for up to 8 persons
Model Ludwig Zepner, Decor, Heinz Werner, 1966/67.

Porcelain, coloured and gold equipped. Service for 8 people. A total of 34 parts, consisting of 8 coffee cups, 8 coffee-UT, 8
Cake plates, coffee pot, sugar jar, cream jar, small jar, tea caddy, candle holder, 3
small vases. Height of jug 27.5 cm.
Swords mark, various Painter's signature and the year mark. Condition A, dinner plate in part A/B.
Pure Heckel, Günther: Magnificent Service of Meissen porcelain, Leipzig 1989, p. 193-194.
-Keisch, Christiane (Surrender): Meissen Today, Berlin 1976, P. 11.

The Creator of the decor of '1001 night', Heinz Werner, was a member of the artist collective, was from 1960 onwards, in Meissen for the designs of new characters, wall plate, paintings and vessels responsible. One of the main tasks of this until today, existing, new Department, was the development of coffee and table services. The aim was to create innovative ways to the long Tradition of Meissens, design highlights of the European dining culture, to build.
The decor of 1001 night, on the Louis Zepner shaped Service, 'Great neck', is a perfect example of this approach. Similar to the Chinoiserien Johann Gregorius Höroldts from the 18th century. Century, born in the Oriental motifs from the world of imagination, a romanticized European perspective. The actions on the porcelain are not staged in a cartridge, but the cheerful, colourful and luxurious Gold wallowing at the end of the fairy tale world can move on the curved shapes of the vessels. The gold lace trim that runs along the edges of the service parts along, acts like a curtain, through which the viewer can watch

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