Lot 37. Meissen. Large Uhu

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Lot 37Meissen. Large Uhu
1924-1934. The Model By E. Hösel, 1928.

Böttger stoneware, polished partially. Large figure of a naturalistic life sculptured owl. The great bird perched on a
geometric Base consisting of a ball, in the surface of a
Pyramiede cone is mounted on a flat plinth. Height 65.5 cm.
Pfeiffer brand, dies "Böttger stoneware", V190, Bossierernr 23, scored L230. Condition A.
Personal gift of E. Hösel. By inheritance up until today in family estate.

Erich Hösels Uhu impressed, in addition to its size, thanks to the detailed, true-to-life modeling of its spring dress, his Mouth and the stern features of his face. Sublime it is perched on a Plinth, whose smooth surfaces and straight lines form a charming contrast to the moving, the soft shapes of the body. With the help of this dichotomy it is possible for the modeller to model a very exciting plastic and to do so entirely on dynamic poses and sweeping movements. The geometric contours of the base are resolved up more and more and go in an ever-increasing naturalism about the end of the striking facial features of the owl at its peak.
First, the battery the rate of the square of the plinth tapers in the less strict Form of ball move. Impressive Hösel manage the bridge between pure geometric Form and owl body, by positioning the claws of the bird, almost unnaturally balanced on the ball. The fineness of the Down of the breast plumage, is brought about by efficient surface movement on the point. The soft, planar contours are in stark contrast to the sharp, meticulously modeled facial features of the owl, making this in addition, will be highlighted. The same principle Hösel followed in the modelling of the back, on the isolated, symmetrically arranged tail - and feathers to the top in a soft-modeled spring dress pass.
Hösel plays in his model, skillfully using the properties of the material Böttger stoneware in order to model different surface structures. Through the unglazed, monochromatic surface of each of the fineness of the modeling comes to the fore, allowing the owl to be almost true-to-life character will be awarded

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