Lot 607. Cookbook.

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Auction date: 11.05.2020   10:00 UTC +01:00
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Lot 607 | Cookbook.
Cookbook. A Kunstraiches book darinne make a lot of strange and precious stuff and prepare.... German manuscript on paper, 18. Century, 1 Bl., 185 descr. S., 6 w. Bl., 6 Bl. Register. Cardboard tape of the time (signs of wear).

The inside lid with hs. Possession increasingly, dat. 1771. - Contains numerous baking recipes (including almond cake, "to make Chocoladi", sugar, bread, Nuremberg, bread, cinnamon cake), raspberry-to make juice, etc. - Etw. Signs of wear. - In: Euphrosina Regina of Seutter". Dt. Manuscript on paper, 1803. Among other things, cooking recipes (as well as zwischengeb contains. "Computational art"). - As well as a cookbook, dt. Manuscript on paper (well 19. Century). - Together 3 Vols.

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