Lot 202. Lot of 25 posters

Sold: CHF 460
Auction date: 25.06.2020   17:00 UTC +02:00
ID 334180
Lot 202 | Lot of 25 posters
Lot of 25 posters
Different Grvssen of 52 x 36 to 99 x 68 cm

Made a guest appearance Sovak, arts and crafts Museum Zörich 1969; art of the Sepik river, masks and ritual figures from Papua new Guinea, Museum zu allerheiligen Schaffhausen, 1986; Gerhard Altenbourg, The Hubarte Goote Gallery, Zug; Picasso, Kunstmuseum Winterthur, 1971; Esthve, gallery Nathan Zörich 1982; Kandinsky at the Lenbachhaus; Xylon 12, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, 1981; exhibition Swiss original graphics in gallery 6, Aaarau 1971; Abbatiale de Bellelay, Esposition Xylon 1984; Christiane Dubois, Neuchatel, 1994; From Gessner to Turner, Kunsthaus Zörich, Graphic Cabinet, 1988; Franz Eggenschwiler, Galerie Kornfeld 1998; 50 years of Xylon woodcuts, Museum of art Grenchen 1994; Philippe Visson, Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau, 1982; Jan Jedlicka,; the castle of Detmold in 1987, Jean Fautrier, Kunsthaus Zörich 1986; Franz Eggenschwiler in the Van Reekum Museum in 1986; Franz Eggenschwiler in Nijmeegs Museum in 1986; Felix Droese, Kunsthaus Zörich, Graphic Cabinet in 1986/87; Calder, Art Club, 1951; mddchen mask: The art of Black Africa in the Kunsthaus Zörich; Piet Mondrian, national gallery, Berlin, 1968; Alfred Hrdlicka, Kunstsalon Wolfsberg in 1973

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