Lot 201. Very large mixed lot of 43 very large posters

Sold: CHF 400
Auction date: 25.06.2020   17:00 UTC +02:00
ID 334179
Lot 201 | Very large mixed lot of 43 very large posters
Very large mixed lot of 43 very large posters
approx. 127 x 90 cm

Fool, gods, truths, helmet house Zörich 1954; Gold and silver from ancient China, Museum Rietberg, 1995; Georges Rouault in the brother Klaus Museum in Sachseln 1995; Sol LeWitt in the Museum, Winterthur, 1994; myth and Ritual in the art of the ' 70s, the Kunsthaus Zörich 1981; action Pro Biafra; Pablo Picasso at the Kunsthaus Zörich 1982; Coptic art in the Kunsthaus Zörich 1964; With other eyes, drawings of children and young people, Zörich 1983; Gottfried Keller in the Muraltengut 1969; The painter family Holbein in Basel, the Kunstmuseum Basel; Painting and Photography in dialogue, Kunsthaus Zörich 1977; Islamic Schvnschrift, Museum Rietberg, 1980; Georges Seurat at the Kunsthaus Zörich 1984; Sigmar Polke at the Kunsthaus Zörich 1984; Salvador Dali at the Kunsthaus Zörich 1989; Francis Picabia in the Kunsthaus Zörich 1984; Wols at the Kunsthaus Zörich 1989/90; Chinese Cloisonni, Museum Rietberg, 1985; Buddhist wood sculptures, 1986; African art, Museum för Vvlkerkunde of St. Gallen; Werner Bischof's photographs, Kunsthaus Zörich 1986/87; Cy Twombly at the Kunsthaus Zörich 1987; Oskar Kokoschka in the Kunsthaus Zörich 1986; theatre spectacle Zörich 1986; Mirs in the Kunsthaus Zörich 1987; Immendorff at the Kunsthaus Zörich 1983/84; Hans dust in the Kunsthaus Zörich; Hugo Weber in the Kunsthaus Zörich 1984; masterpieces from the Graphic collection, the Kunsthaus Zörich 1984; Gustave Courbet, Kunsthaus Zörich 1984; Daniel Gaemperle, Galerie Linder, Basel, 1986; Diego Giacometti, Museum Bellerive, 1988; and gifts and new acquisitions, Kunsthaus Zörich 1988; Man Ray, Kunsthaus Zörich 1988; art of the Senufo, Museum Rietberg 1988; Franzvsische Photography 1840-71, Kunsthaus Zörich; romanticism in France, International June festival weeks Zörich 1987; Edvard Munch, Kunsthaus Zörich 1987/88; Sonia Delaunay, the Museum Bellerive, except in European Jewish art, Museum Rietberg; Gemdlde of German romanticism, the Kunsthaus Zörich 1985; Eugene Delacroix, the Kunsthaus Zörich 1987;

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