Lot 1917. Kruse, C.

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Lot 1917 | Kruse, C.
Kruse, C. Atlas and tables to view the history of all European countries and States... of his son,... F. Kruse of new durchges. u. continued until the Start of the year 1834. 5. Edition, Halle, Renger 1834. Gr.Fol. With 17 dplblattgroß stamped cards grezkoloriert u. in number Tab. Leather of the time with embossed gold borders, gilt u Goldschn. (Re-staked, in part, u. rubbed best.).

ADB XVII, 262. - Kruse (1753-1827) publ. in addition to numerous educational works of this Atlas, which shows on the maps and text of the historical development of Europe. - Etw. browned u. foxing in Front. renewed. Title & some Tab. with backlighting. Cracks, title 1 Eckabriss, 1 location, wireless. - From the library v. Queen Pauline of Württemberg with her winning stamp "P" a. T. - In addition to numerous educational works, Kruse published this atlas, which shows the historical development of Europe on the basis of the maps and the text. 5th edition. With 17 maps and numerous tables. Contemporary leather, newly bound, partly rubbed and bumped. Somewhat browned and foxing, end papers renewed, partly with repaired defects, 1 layer loose. From the possession of Pauline Therese of Württemberg.

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