Lot 1918. Roux, J.

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Lot 1918 | Roux, J.
Roux, J., Recueil des principaux plan des ports et rades de la mer Mediterranée, estraits de ma carte en douze feuilles. Marseille, Roux 1764. With Tit stamped. u 67 cards stamped 1 Bl. (Show directory). Leather the time (Sth. rubbed best.).

Shirley, M. Roux-1a (65 cards). Cf. Phillips 5172. Polak 8468. - One of several, in the table the number of different Print of the year, 1764, appeared mostly with 121 cards. - Kartennum. v. 1-65 plus 18A and 36b (so completely). - With plans of the main ports and bays of the whole Mediterranean area, including Algiers, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Limassol, Malaga, Marseille, Messina, Naples, Tangier, u. Tripoli. - Only in places, slightly browned and fingerfl. Good Copy.

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