Lot 1091. Leiris, M., F.Mourlot, u. P.Cramer.

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Lot 1091 | Leiris, M., F.Mourlot, u. P.Cramer.
Leiris, M., F. Mourlot, u. P. Cramer. Joan Miró. Of The Lithographer. Volumes 1-4. Geneva, Weber (1972-81), and Paris, Mazo (vol. 1). Fol. 32 (incl. OU) colored Original lithograph(n) v. J. Miró, among numerous, partly colored full-page Illustration(s) Olwdbde. with OU. u 1 Okart.-Slipcase. Band 1 franz. Edition, volumes 2-4 dt. Output.

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