Lot 394. Madonna mit Kind

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Lot 394 | Madonna mit Kind
Madonna with child, Probably of lower Bavaria/Austria in 1440 (?)
Height 105 cm
Hardwood, Linde (?), the rear geflacht and slightly hollowed. Madonna with crown and veil, with the child Jesus with a globe in her left Hand seated. Later version in Blue and Red, partially exfoliated. Small imperfections and restorations. Shrinkage crack. Alterssch.
Provenance: From an old collection of the württemberg private. Stylistically, the standing Madonna in a Pietà from the area of Salzburg-Passau is very close, which is referred to as the Vespers image from Braunau (am Inn) and in the state. Museums Prussian culture possession, Berlin. What is striking is the hard-cut coat edges, and especially the vertical wrinkles in the leg area, the bending to the ground and "with a counter-movement to the base edge leakage". Lit. Stabat Mater, Mary under the cross in the art to 1400, exhibition, Salzburg 1970, cat. 56. We would like to thank Dr. Albrecht Miller/Ottobrunn for this note.

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