Lot 1125. Mörike, E.

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Lot 1125 | Mörike, E.
Mörike, E. Lucie Gelmeroth. Amendment. Frankfurt am Main, Ars Librorum, in 1966. 4°. With 16 Original Wooden Stand. u. an additional sequence of 18 (1 of them anyway. signed wooden stand) Original. v. Imre Reiner. 35 P., 1 Bl. Original canvas in Opp.-Slipcase.

(= 15. Ars Librorum Pressure). Spindler 40.35. No. XXXIII v. LXXV (GA 650) Ex. the preferential issue, in print and increasingly v. Reiner, signed - In: Wieland,C. M. The story of the Prince Biribinker. Offenbach, 1965. With 6 lithograph(n) v. K. Steinel, pressure propagated from the artist Lemnius,S. Monachopornomachia signed. The Monk Whores Of War. München, G. Müller, 1919. - Together 3 Vols.

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