Lot 1806. New Fire Fires.

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Lot 1806 | New Fire Fires.
New Fire Fires. Marginalia to the font: Trusted letters about the interior conditions at the Prussian court since the death of Frederick II., A Journal in casual folders. (Editor v. G. F. W. F. v. Cölln). Folders 1-8 (18). Amsterdam, u. of Cologne, Hammer (d. i. Leipzig, Gräff) 1807. With 1 coloured & 1 Front stamped folded. Red illustration. Obroschiert (Operation. u. best., Rckn. some with Miss.).

Holzmann-b-II, 3274. Diesch 2060. Kirchner I, 1826. Hayn-G. II, 253 u. VI, 282. - "One of the most courageous Herald of the resistance against Napoleon was Cölln, dressed in fire red envelopes 'New fire' against the jittery the whole of public life hurled..." (Schottenloher, p. 352). "Rich, in his time a renowned Journal, full of interesting contributions to the political literature and cultural history, and Chronique callers" (Hayn-G.). Cölln was 1807-08 the 'New fire', which stood out due to her red, with vignettes, decorated envelopes on the outside. An unsparing language, a relentless criticism, a relentless, clear self-awareness about the desperate military, among political position pervades the essays, the reader to of the question to bring, such as Prussia maybe even with the success of his middle resolution could preclude work" (Kirchner). Cölln came because of his ruthless criticism of the administration of the state in 1808, the fortress of Glatz, flea 1810 to Austria, u. was finally, in 1811, employees of Prince Hardenberg. - Breitrandiges Ex., sometimes a bit spotty.

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