Lot 537. Dalí, Salvador . Nobility of Time. 1977

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Lot 537 | Dalí, Salvador . Nobility of Time. 1977
Dalí, Salvador (1904 Figueras - 1989 ibid.). Bronze, green and brown patinated and partly polished 60 cm On the plinth signed on the side, dated and numbered. Foundry and copyright stamp: Venturi Arte and JEMELTON 1984. One of 350 on the plinth and numbered copies. Certificate of authenticity: written certificate of the Salvador Dali Archives, New York from the 20.9.1996 provenance: private ownership, southern Germany literature: R. & N. Descharnes, Dali: Le dur et le mou, Sortilège et magic des formes Sculptures et Objets Relié, no. 635, p. 247. The bronze sculpture "Nobility of Time" shows a Dali typical melting clock hanging on a tree with two Branches, an angel and a female Nude with cloth are on the left and the right. The Ensemble has überwirklich, fantastic, and absurd at the same time. The main themes of the artist were a dream, subconscious, and Paranoia. He was very inspired by the treatises of the psychoanalyst Siegmund Freud. The time plays an important role in Dali's work. So you find again and again in the Form of watches. You can't be stopped or turned back. It just runs on and on. The memory remains, but this is real? The discontent of the population, but also the artist in 1929 - caused by the world economic crisis also led to a second Manifesto of the Surrealists and sealed a militant change of course in the service of the Revolution. In search of a method by which the unconscious and the reality could connect with each other, took the Communist group around André Breton, Louis Aragon, Paul Eluard, and Pierre Unik, the 1929 to Paris, moved to Salvador Dalí, and its Critical Paranoia with wide-open arms. His interest in the plastic factory of Dali discovered in the 1930s and continued it all his life. The sculptures will form a major part of Dali's surrealist work.

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