Lot 306. Nostradamus,M.

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Lot 306 | Nostradamus,M.
Nostradamus,M., Les propheties. Dont il y en a trois cens qui n'ont encores iamais este imprimees. Adioustees de noueau par ledict Autheur. Tle. 1-2 (instead of 3) in 1 Band Troyes, Chevillot (1611). With 2 Holzschn.-Tvign. 64; 48 (without num. Bl. 3-7) num. Bl. Loads. Half leather d. 18. Jhts. (Without Hdeckel, Rckn. with tear-out, partially, fl. u rubbed).

Caillet 8072. Dorbon 3267. Graesse IV, 689. Rare Nostradamus-Edition. Probably a reprint of the edition of 1568, which appeared simultaneously with the Lyon edition. "Edition rarissime imprimee a Troyes,..." (Caillet). - Exists. Ex. without the Tl. 3 and without the num. Bl. 3-7 in Tl. 2 (here w. Bl. involved). The first 2 Tle. contain the centuries I-XI. - Etw. browned, some light foxing Vord. on-the-fly. In front of the. described.

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