Lot 2990. Pair of big marble lions

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Lot 2990 | Pair of big marble lions
Counterparts. Red-brown called Rosso Verona marble. Fully plastic made, dormant lion pair, as a column carrier with a profiled column bases on the back. Below a flat, rectangular Plinth. Good Original Condition. H. 85 cm. 147 cm x 47 cm.These lion sculptures were used during the Romanesque period in Italy, primarily as a pillar of support of portals and Lettnern of churches and prestigious palaces. Similar exhibits are located, except in the Detroit Institute of Arts, including the Cathedral of Modena (Portal and Rood screen), and St. Zeno in Verona. Also, the two famous pulpits of Nicola and Giovanni Pisano in the cathedrals of Siena and Pisa can be worn of similar lion. The lion is a in the Christian context, the most common, but ambivalent Symbol that can stand for positive qualities such as courage and strength, but also for Evil. The weight of the pillars depressed portal of the lions are to be interpreted as symbols for the persistence of the Evil that is forced as a Pillar of support in the service of the Church and of the faith.Cf. for this purpose, the lexicon of Christian iconography, Bd. 3, Sp.112-19, figure 1.A pair of red marble stylobate lions.The North of Italy. 13./14. Century

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