Lot 23. Meissen. Some magnificent cover vases with snow bales and Vogelzier

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Lot 23Meissen. Some magnificent cover vases with snow bales and Vogelzier
19. Century Model By J. J. Kaendler.

Porcelain, coloured equipped. Large, baluster-shaped body on constricted round base mounted. Wall on all sides
with plastic snow ball flower and aufbossierten, rotating tendrils,
Leaves and flowers balls decorated. A white cockatoo and a scarlet Macaw sitting on the
Branches on the vase shoulder. On the stand, a small yellow Canary in the squats
Nest. Cover with tendrils molded handle, three flower balls and two yellow
Singing bird figures. Height 50cm.
Sword brand. Condition C.
Private Collection, North Rhine-Westphalia.

- Walcha, Otto: Meißner Porzellan, Dresden 1973; To manufacture in the seven years ' war, p. p. 143f.
- Pietsch, Ulrich (publication): The work reports of Meissen porcelain modeller Johann Joachim Kaendler 1706-1775, Leipzig 2002, p. 62.
- Pietsch, Ulrich & Banz, Claudia (surrender): Triumph of the blue swords, Meissen porcelain for aristocracy and bourgeoisie 1710-1815, exhibition catalogue, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, 2019, Leipzig 2010, p. 347, catalogue no.411.

"A Coppgen Also to this snow-Ball-shaped Service sammbt duly the presented, associated with Flowered and leaves in Thon poußiret"
To occupy the idea, porcelain items over and over with little white snow ball flowers, came Johann Joachim Kaendler for the first time in the year 1739. He tried the technique on a coffee and tea service. In his work report for the month of may, five entries, in which he describes the designs for two pitchers, a Spühlkumme and a coupling with the lower shell to be found. In the following years, Kaendler designed various vase models, for which he made use of this time-consuming and costly method. However, could afford only a small, selected circle, the magnificent and highly representative essay vases.
To bales, the most famous lovers of the snow-vases, probably once belonged to Frederick II of Prussia. The 'Old Fritz' began in the 1740s porcelain at the manufactory in order. During the occupation of Saxony, grew up in the seven years ' war, his enthusiasm for the Meissen porcelain and the Prussian troops withdrew, relieved the warehouse of the manufactory in large quantities. Including so-called "Camin essay largest variety snow ball flowers were". More snow bales vases, which he paid never, he ordered for the New Palace in Potsdam, where she is today in the "flesh-colored chamber" can be viewed

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