Lot 309. Padovani, G.

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Lot 309 | Padovani, G.
Padovani, G. Dichiaratione et vso dell'horoscopio. 4. Auflage Verona, Discepolo 1592. 4°. Mit Holzschn.-Druckerm., -Diagrammen u. Initialen. (Ohne Falttaf.). 86 S., 1 Bl. Karton d. 19. Jahrhundert mit Marmorpapier. (Etw. randrissig). Edit16 CNCE 33450. - The 'Horoscopio' was a form of clock which he devised not to keep time but, as shown in the first part, to calculate what the hour might be at different times of day or night. The second part reveals some of the other 'secrets' of his 'marvellous instrument,' such as how to find the height of the sun's meridian or the elevation of the pole. - Es fehlt die Falttaf. Tls. leicht stockfleckig - Sehr selten. - Woodcut device on title, pp. 86, (2), with woodcut diagrams an numerical plates in the text, lacking as often the folding woodcut plate at the end.

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