Lot 4. PAIR OF BRACELETS ADORNED with CAMEOS Ier s. av J.-C. - Ier ap. J.-C.

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Auction date: 06.10.2017   17:00 UTC +02:00
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Lot 4 | PAIR OF BRACELETS ADORNED with CAMEOS Ier s. av J.-C. - Ier ap. J.-C.
The 37.1 gr. - 37,8 gr.
7 cm.
The bracelet consists of a ring-shaped tubular gold
grooves, of which the cup is semi-circular. The two
ends that support the cameo feature
watermarks dishes and beaded and a pattern of four leaves
in the form of a cross, the whole is enhanced by a small
garnet mounted en cabochon surrounded by a gold wire. The cameos
onyx form a pair, the lion facing to the dauphin.
The slots are perfectly cut. This provision
mirror is a characteristic of bracelets and classic
shows that they form a pair.
Animal motifs have a symbolic ancient and
found in the homeric poems and the fables of Aesop
The Lion and the Dolphin. Creatures terrible
represent the realms of land and sea. A
interpretation dionysian and astrological is possible, the
figures referring to the constellations in the sky.
The bangles are tubular, are known during the entire period
hellenistic. Among other works the bracelet
Taranto, dated to 300 av J.-C., and the tiara of the ancient
Hermonassa on the Taman peninsula in Taurine (1). The
decorations, motif filigree four petals are well
referenced (2). The use of the cameo is known of the Sarmatian,
but is extremely rare.

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