Lot 113. Paul (paolo) Pétrovitch TROUBETZKOY (1866-1938)

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Lot 113 | Paul (paolo) Pétrovitch TROUBETZKOY (1866-1938)
Tolstoy on horseback
Bronze with black patina.
Signed on to the terrace. Dated and located Moscow 1899 on the terrace.
Height : 51.3 cm ; Length : 43,8 cm ; Depth : 17.8 cm

In march, 1899, Leo Tolstoy makes every day street Miasnitzkaïa where Paolo Troubetzkoy had set up a special workshop in order that the cossacks may have access to a horse to ask the natural and with a small menagerie attached. The bronze Tolstoy on horseback currently at the musée d'orsay, was acquired in 1910 by the musée du Luxembourg at the Exposition Universelle of 1900. Copies of this sculpture are marked 1899 (as the one in the Musée d'orsay), 1901 (like that of the Galleria d'arte moderna, Milano), for example. The museum Tolstoy, received, in 1928, a copy marked 1899 this statuette from the museum Roumiantzev. The plaster model is located within the legacy of Troubetzkoy at the Museo del Paesaggio in Verbania Pallanza.
The catalogue of the Musée d'orsay indicates that Tolstoy rides his favorite horse Delirium, which is formally contradicted by the journal of countess Sofia Andreevna, who, on the date of march 10, 1899, note : "Lev Nikolayevich is daily street Miasnitskaïa to the workshop Troubetzkoy, the model at the same time and mounted on a horse overseas (an id is that it does not own) and for a small statuette ". Troubetzkoy has produced five sculptures representing Tolstoy, two of which are equestrian. That of 1899 is mentioned in the diary of countess Sofia Andreevna and the one of 1910 is evoked in the diary of Tolstoy himself and mentioned in the writings of Dushan Petrovich Makovitzky (his doctor), Valentin Fyodorovich Bulgakov (his secretary). For the statue in 1910, Makovitzky specifies that Troubetzkoy has insisted that Tolstoy monte Krivoy, a horse ambleur siberian and not Delirium, finding Krivoy more expressive.
found in the notes of the diaries of Sofia Andreevna in the edition of 1932, the mention of an equestrian statue of Tolstoy, by Trubetskoy performed in 1904, but curiously no trace of it could be found in the journal of Tolstoy, nor in that of his wife Sofia Andreevna.

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