Lot 128. Alexandre it Brinzevich Petr Brinzevich GARDNER [fabrique de]

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Lot 128 | Alexandre it Brinzevich Petr Brinzevich GARDNER [fabrique de]
Pair of large cups to have lunch with their saucers. 1825-1826 [most likely]
Of cylindrical form with collar, flared, porcelain, decorated with gilded, portraits of tsarevich grand duke Nicholas Pavlovich and grand duchess Alexandra Féodorovna in rectangular frames at corners cut off.
The portrait of grand duke Nicholas Pavlovich is a copy of the portrait painted by Wilhelm August Golicke in 1817 and that of the grand duchess Alexandra Feodorovna is a copy of the bust of the painting by George Dawe in 1823 flipped horizontally so that the cups laid side by side, the grand duchess looks on as her husband. The addition of the coat of imperial on the two portraits indicates very likely that this decoration has been executed in haste at the end of December 1825, or early 1826 for "impérialiser" the portraits of grand ducal. Indeed, up until the manifesto, on 13 December 1825, no one from outside the imperial family, knew that Nicholas Pavlovich was to rule. To be the first to go out of the cups to portraits of the new imperial couple, the factory, Gardner has had to improvise from portraits of grand ducal.
Marking blue under covered : a point and the Latin letter " G ", both employees of 1800 to 1840.
Height of cups : 9.8 cm, diameter at neck : 10.5 cm ; diameter of saucers : 17.8 cm

Petr Gardner was not only a co-owner of the porcelain factory, but also a copyist in the Senate. However, it is the Senate that the manifesto proclaiming the accession to the throne of Nicholas Pavlovich was prepared on 12 December to be announced on the 14th. It could, therefore, be among the first to know and communicate the news to his brother Alexander. He took the time to send a mail to Saint-Petersburg Verblinki (Moscow region) and the manufacture of the cups. They may even be able to be used as a gift for Christmas or New Year.
It is illusory to-date within this period the productions of Gardner after the graphic design of the letter " G ", this letter was drawn freehand. The trials of cataloguing are not statements of markings of the parts existing in the museums.

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