Lot 249. Polke, Sigmar (Born 1941 Oels/Lower Silesia - 2010 Cologne). Color sample (IV)

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Lot 249 | Polke, Sigmar (Born 1941 Oels/Lower Silesia - 2010 Cologne). Color sample (IV)
1986. Oil and Gouache on canvas. 50 x 40cm. Signed, number words, and dated on the folded canvas verso: S. Polke, IV, 86. Frame.
This work is recorded in the Estate of Sigmar Polke. We would like to thank the Estate for their kind support.

Galerie Heinz Holtmann, Cologne, Germany
Galerie Thomas, Munich (label)
private collection, North Rhine-Westphalia

"Sigmar Polke is difficult to catch," writes Jürgen Hohmeyer, in his Essay on the artist that appeared in 1982 in the mirror. You could meet him, although by chance at an opening, on a date with him, however, is a difficult undertaking. Not tangible also, Polke's art, not predictable in his artistic development. After he paints at the beginning of his work is still representational, changes his painting style in the 1980s. Overlapping motifs, blurring, and over the course of the end of colors put the viewer in front of new challenges. His paintings of this time are full of something Mystical, Mysterious. Polke is the alchemist of colors.
It's the Mysterious, Unergründbare, what is it that fascinates the artist. After he discovered in the art Museum of Lille, a painted scene in the Background of a painting of Goya, which can be determined only by x-ray more closely, he admits: "Because of me, but such means are not available, I laid me on the Rates". His painting remains a mystery, the ends are often iridescent, not well-defined colors and extending the forms of his pictures always have something Mystical.
(Cf. Polke, Sigmar, in: Hohmeyer, Jürgen, The MIRROR, XXXVI/49, Hamburg 1982, p. 22)

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