Lot 20. PORSCHE 356 C #1964

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Lot 20PORSCHE 356 C #1964
PORSCHE 356 C #1964

Whether it is the version C of 75 hp (like here) or the SC of 95 hp, the Porsche 356 of these years 1964-1965 were the last representatives of the model which helped start the industrial of the Stuttgart manufacturer. In fact, the Porsche 356 #1 is the output string on 8 June 1948 and, over the course of seventeen years, she has represented the bulk of sales of Porsche of road, until the appearance of the 901/911 in 1964.
In this context, we can better understand the appeal of models of end of production, with all the developments and sophistication developed according to the rule of "not not" in force at Porsche. And if he does need to keep only one, it is undoubtedly the adoption of disc brakes, which have totally changed the driving impression of this car history and full of charm.
Recall that the marketing of the 356 continued for two years after the launch of the 911. His role, during this transition, has been crucial and if the 911 is known then the success, it is because the 356 has left him time to make his mark. In fact, because of high tariffs, the sales of the 911 had started much more modest than expected, as evidenced by the importance taken by the 912, hybrid 911/356 to four-cylinder engine, so much less expensive.
Like most of those who are now restored in Europe, this copy comes from the South-West of the United States, where the 356 had been a huge success and where the dry climate has favoured their survival. It comes more precisely from Texas and carries the chassis number 128120. It has been restored to a very high level, according to european standards, which lasted from September 2014 to April 2016. It should be noted that the meter is in miles, a very important element of the integrity of the self, has been preserved.
Since then, Porsche Classic has completed a technical audit of the complete vehicle which has covered 2 000 km. Should it be said that he is in 100 % competition? Its value amounted to 110 000 € according to the expert report provided with the car.

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