Lot 19. PORSCHE 911 2.4 T #1972/73

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Lot 19PORSCHE 911 2.4 T #1972/73
PORSCHE 911 2.4 T #1972/73

It is without doubt the most famous 2.4 T of France, since its comprehensive restoration has been carried out - and published - for nearly three years by the magazine Ferdinand. There is not a single piece of this car has been redone, revised or replaced. Her hull has been completely taken over by a master coachbuilder, while the best craftsmen and specialists, Porsche de France are leaning on it. More than 1 000 hours of work have been invested in this restoration, which is without doubt the most successful ever conducted on a T in France.
The front compartment is spotless and all the lighting - glove box, lockers front and rear, etc - are functioning and have been restored.
In the cabin, the carpets are superior in quality to the original, the upholstery is completely redone and the interior exudes the characteristic smell of Porsche new of these years. On the side of the dashboard, the five counters have been restored by the best specialist of the genre, Station Meters, which is échiné to find the tone of the white markings of the end of the year in 1972. The meter of oil pressure is the model standard, the two needles are then an option. The steering wheel is in line and the radio Blaupunkt, 1972, has been refurbished. The small metal plates Sonauto/BP, and the door-key contact
BP leather of 1972 are among the amazing details of this car.
All, until the last accessory and the last bolt, including the two batteries, Bosch new, there is 100% identical to what it was the day of her delivery, in late 1972, by Sonauto in Avignon.
The 130 hp engine displays a health stunning and beautifully sounding.
Again, the exchangers, the distribution, the lighting, the movement of oil... everything is like new. The car is currently at the end of run-in and already offers a behavior more pleasant to use. Suspension arms, calipers, discs, pipes, direction... have obviously been restored in the rules of art. the wheels, redone by Technofinish, are shod with Pirelli tyres as new.
It should be noted, finally, that this model of 1972 is equipped with the highly sought after "oil flap" on the rear wing and right fittings black anodized aluminum the characteristic of the 2.4 of the 1973 model, since it has been commercialized in the end of the year.
The technical control is blank and the meter displays only 840km.
Two bubbles have recently appeared under the paint, on the top of the door. This detail will be picked up by the body shop after the sale.

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