Lot 27. PORSCHE 911 CARRERA 3.2 «POLICE» #1986

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12.05.2017   21:00 UTC +01:00
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Lot 27 | PORSCHE 911 CARRERA 3.2 «POLICE» #1986

Here is, without doubt, one of the cars the most interesting of this sale. Already, it is a Carrera 3.2, one of the three or four models most sought after by porschistes. Then, it is one of the very last copies of the vintage 1986, with the gearbox 915. In addition, it appears in very good condition, with a level of preservation is absolutely amazing.
Finally, it will years doubt unique in our country by its configuration.
Because it is, as you can see on these images, a car response on road of the Dutch police.
This is probably why his body is also neat and that its interior is in a state of as close to nine. Exaggerated?
The only sounds of opening and closing of doors that will confirm it. Everything in this car, breathing in the new. Carpet, power seats, leather, dashboard... Everything is in perfect condition.
Even the steering wheel on the four branches is free of any marks.
The most surprising remains, however, that the vehicle has not been "disarmed" before joining the civilian life. Thus, the flashing light and the voice from the edge of its operational and work great.
There is also, at the rear, a light board outside allowing to vary the messages and, if necessary, of the flash.
Better: there is, in the housing located behind the two seats, a kind of storage multiple comtenant all the essential accessories to a police officer in the exercise of its mission.
Handcuffs, first aid kit, instruments, lamps, intervention, manual, and Code of the Road... again, everything is in perfect condition.
A police uniform to the Dutch, full of the kepi to the big leather boots, is delivered with the car. Precision necessary: the holder should measure more than 1,90 m to well over 100 kg!
So, if you've dreamed of police cars during your childhood, it is without a shadow of a doubt, the most magical of all. And in addition, it works divinely well on all plans, with a Targa roof perfectly healthy.

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