Lot 28. PORSCHE 964 CARRERA RS #1992

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12.05.2017   21:00 UTC +01:00
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Lot 28 | PORSCHE 964 CARRERA RS #1992

It is the second 964 Carrera RS offered in this sale. Strangely, both cars have characteristics diametrically opposed. Thus, whereas the first is little kilométrée but has been in an accident, it is displayed near 150 000 km, but is located in a formed glowing, with a "health book" marathon runner olympic.
But back to this model one is stripped now to the four corners of the world, no one really knows why, as it is close to a Carrera 2 "normal". In effect, the RS version of the Porsche 964 is built, month after month, a status icon within the history of Porsche. Deserved or undeserved?
Objectively, who never drove, there is not, on paper, a real reason to rave. A little less heavy than a Carrera 2, it shows that little bit of extra power (260 hp vs. 250), and differs visually only by details
Yes, but this is the theory. In practice, it is an auto totally different, thanks to a wealth of items, often little visible.
And the fans, more numerous, who love the discreet nature of this difference, swear very often by it.
That is what really changes? First of all, it is lower than the Carrera 2, with cooling air intakes of the brakes in the front fascia devoid of sprinklers, lights and sits on wheels with Cup 2 17-inch labeled "Magnesium". At the rear, the central part of the shield is also different, while the bezel is devoid of de-icing.
Inside, there are bucket seats Recaro features, door trim "RS" to the pulls in fabric... and no rear seats. Visually, it is almost everything. But many things are also changing under the covers! Gearbox firmer, engine more free thanks to a flywheel lightened chassis more stiff with shock absorbers typed "race" and a host of details (glass fine, lack of insulation, sound...) are used to save weight and performance in track. So in reality, a Porsche 964 Carrera RS is similar to an auto circuit disguised as a road, but not way too much. And this is without doubt one of the reasons of this success that cannot be denied at the discretion of the modes: its discretion, so popular today.
This copy is very significant to this state of mind. Duly appraised and valued at 170 000 €, it shows a mileage for his age, demonstrating a reasonable use but regular.
Outwardly very sober, because devoid of decorative strips, it is distinguished, however, by the very original plaid that dresses its bucket Recaro original in place of the two-colour leather upholstery as usual.
For the rest, its maintenance book is up to date, invoices are present and there is no trace of abuse panel, in its history or in its covers.

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