Lot 22. PORSCHE 911 COUPE 2.4 S #1973

Starting price: € 140 000
Auction date
12.05.2017   21:00 UTC +01:00
ID 1038
Lot 22 | PORSCHE 911 COUPE 2.4 S #1973
PORSCHE 911 COUPE 2.4 S #1973

With its 190 hp and its engine is both more powerful and more flexible thanks to its engine capacity increased, it is the most successful and the most sporting of Porsche 911 Classic on the market. It is also the latest before the advent of the 911 "G" with the bellows and bumpers.
Aesthetically, there is little that differentiates it from previous versions, even if the front grilles and the rear logos, black instead of silver, pointing to a 1973 model. It is in the interior (with seat belts retractors that do not wander more!) and under the hood that everything is changing. In fact, the engine is among the most accomplished and most versatile ever made by Porsche. It is even said that a 2.4 S - that is three times less expensive than a very sought after 2.7 Carrera RS - is is finally not so far away in terms of performance. It is without doubt one of the reasons of its success and scores incredible that it makes in the auction.
Our copy, which benefits in more than one colour Viper green as rare as sought, however, is presented at a reasonable rate because, as we have wished, first sale applies to porschistes enthusiasts rather than speculators.
Anyway, this is, without a doubt, the most beautiful coupe 2.4 S proposed auction since the beginning of the year. Mechanical and bodywork has been fully restored in 2016, exclusively with original parts from Porsche. The wheels are Fuchs 15-inch are original and the vehicle has a very rare power sunroof. Not less than 130 000 € have been invested in this restoration of a very high level. The self is therefore in a state of almost nine and ready for the 200,000 next few kilometres, and the fifty years to come! Of course, all invoices will be provided to the buyer.
The question that arises today is that of the value of these 2.4 S are so important. Are they spin-offs under the 160 000 € or have continued to appreciate, going beyond 200 000? The answer should we be given this evening, at the end of this sale.

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LECLERE - Maison de ventes
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LECLERE - Maison de ventes
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