Lot 23. PORSCHE 930 TURBO #1989

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Lot 23PORSCHE 930 TURBO #1989

The Porsche Turbo history, the one that all the little boys born in the 60's or 70 are cut in the Auto Log or in the catalogs of the Auto Show, this is it. With its allure of a wild beast, the dark colours and the noise of hoarse, muffled by the turbo, at each acceleration, the 930 Turbo 1989 - produced in only 857 copies - has now become a cult object, now that the children are of age to realize their dreams of kids.
As early as 1977, Porsche has decided to increase the capacity of this model to 3.0, and the power to 300 hp (code 930/60) by adding a large heat exchanger air/air which conditioned the size and shape of the rear spoiler. For the rest, resistant to all suggestions and all criticisms at a time when a auto premium had to have a gearbox five-speed, Porsche kept the four on this Turbo. The "box 5" will only arrive in 1989, five years later. Why only four reports?
Simply because Porsche considered a possible fifth report useless, and because the true fans of this car they treated themselves to its extension, which prevented the pilot from playing too often in the lever. In fact, the car resumes acceleration of 1 500 to 6 500 tr/mn in a few seconds with the greatest of ease.
The model offered for sale was first sold in Germany before being imported from Belgium in 1987 with 15 000 km on the odometer. He then continued his career in France where he has known only one owner. Needless to say that he was never involved in an accident and that the state remarkable for its seats and carpet testifies to the attentive care he received. The body has remained 100 % original, free of corrosion, while the basement has been totally redone for a total amount of 12 000 €. The engine block, meanwhile, has benefited from a complete renovation (clutch, cylinder head, rings, crankshaft, bearings...) in 2009, for a comparable amount (+/- 10 000 €). If there is added, in 2015, the replacement of the injection pump.
For the rest, "RAS". The beautiful patina indoor attests to the regular care that were provided throughout all these years.

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