Lot 29. PORSCHE 911 T 2.0 #1968

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Lot 29PORSCHE 911 T 2.0 #1968
PORSCHE 911 T 2.0 #1968

This is the 203rd issue in the series 11820, which marks the year 1968. It is, therefore, the 203rd 911 T built, since this appellation begins in the summer of 1967.
This 911 "short frame", as it's called today, is the factory on November 2, 1967 and was registered in California in January 1968. It will be recalled that the 11820, were used to develop thirty-five 911 T/R after having been levied on the park and prepared for the race. The reason for this? Simple. A little less well fitted than their sisters L-or S - and a lighter of some 56 kg-disassembly for processing was easy. Original, the engine is given to 110 hp, which, given the low weight of the car - around 950 kg-ensures beautiful performance.
This 911 T has spent his entire life in California, sheltered from the weather, before arriving in France in 2010. Brittany Roadster, its importer, has been able to ascertain that she had indeed not suffered too much harm from the weather and rust. It was sold to an amateur of bordeaux, who kept it until September 2016, the date of purchase by the current owner. The latter is able to identify two u.s. owners and has a few invoices from the period. Since then, the car has benefited from a refurbishment of its engine (there are about 38-40, 000 km) and its gearbox (there are 30 000 km), while the shock absorbers Koni new are settled fairly flexible. The curiosity of this year, 1968, besides the fact that it sees the production of the last short-wheelbase chassis, is undoubtedly the change of orientation of the... windshield wipers!
For the rest, this model retains its color Polo Red original on a tack mixed leatherette/Pepita. Logically, the canvas of the pavilion has been replaced very recently, as the cap of the dashboard. It should be noted the presence of a car radio Becker running time.

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