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Lot 13 | PORSCHE 996 TURBO S #2005

For Porsche, 2005 is a new year-hinge. The 996, both criticized for its concern for quality and its many engines broken, has sown discord among the fans. Then, for three years, Porsche has worked hard to return to its fundamentals: the identity of the 911, the quality of the product 911 and his sportsmanship.
In the meantime the launch of the new généraiton, it produces an ultimate limited series on the basis of the 996 Turbo. The recipe? Identical to the one used for the Millennium: a level of interior equipment record, for an extra nominal price.
But of course this is under the hood that hides the magic ingredient.
On the basis of the 996 at two turbos and four-wheel drive, in coupe and cabriolet, Porsche offers an extraordinary potential effectiveness.
This time, the wheel pushes beyond 1.8 bar of pressure and the power jumps to 450 hp for a price slightly higher than 147 000 €. Twelve years after the collapsed to the appearance of the 997, the dimensions of the 996 2S and 4S, as well as those of the Turbo, just beginning to recover. It is an indisputable fact. And, as evidenced by the rates of the classified ads, we are probably only at the beginning of the phenomenon.
Indeed, this model, regardless of its power, has always been deemed to be exceptional by the porschistes. Handling, consistency of the engine, gearbox, braking... All the attributes of a great Porsche are present. In this ultimate version, they are all the more noticeable as it adds to the rarity, since the 996
Turbo S was produced only during a few months.
The buyers are there to confirm it in practice. They have often retained their car, not succeeding in separating them.
This is particularly the case of the singer Florent Pagny, who, having kept his own, and he said that this front would be back one day through the eyes of porschistes. It was - and continues to be - a bet for the long term which seems, today, make sense.

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