PORSCHE 911 TURBO 3.3 #1984

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Lot 12 | PORSCHE 911 TURBO 3.3 #1984
PORSCHE 911 TURBO 3.3 #1984

The most amazing thing with this car is that everyone gives him a different name, and that everyone is sure to have the right. So, called it the 911 Turbo? 930? 930 Turbo? In reality, the intention of Porsche was to call 911 Turbo to take advantage of the benefits of filiation. But then, where does this 930?
Well, it is simply the name of the engine block, inherited from the Carrera 3.0. As for the history of this model dates back to the year 1974, the launch of the chassis of the generation "G" with a bumper to bumper bellows.
That same year, Porsche was engaged in the 24 Hours of le Mans with a RSR engine 2.2 Turbo develops a whopping 500 hp. It was an experimental attempt, of course, but she gave such good results (2nd overall) that Porsche decided to step into the breach without any delay and produce the 500 copies needed to its approval in Group 5. It is at the Paris Salon in the fall, it was presented in its road version, and was the effect of a bomb. In a few hours, all were sold.
It was the beginning of an adventure that would begin in April 1975, with the first deliveries, and end in 1989 with the release of version 3.3 final with gearbox with five reports.
Why does it have such a success? Thanks to his phenomenal performances, of course, but also and above all thanks to its appearance beastly, which made dream teens and drivers from around the world. Take these, flared rear fenders, these Fuchs wheels 15 and 16 inches in diameter, deep, 7 inches in the front and 8 in the back, the front bumper that seems to smile at the road... And then this rear spoiler, becoming less flat as increases of power and that seems straight off the le Mans...
This Turbo was able to play the card of power, with its 260 to 320 hp, and everyone forgave him his box which has long been only four reports. On the one hand because the motor is accommodated well; on the other hand, because it had been reinforced by a pignonnerie more generously dimensioned which prohibited the installation of a fifth report.
As for the proposed model, we still knows little about him.
But his owner promised us that everything would be said and explained about the place of the sale, 48 hours in advance.

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