Lot 165. A magnificent writing Desk with chinoisem paint decoration

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Lot 165 | A magnificent writing Desk with chinoisem paint decoration
A magnificent writing Desk with chinoisem paint decoration, Italy, around 1760
247 x 109 x 64 cm
Two-Piece Construction. Lower part with three relapses and hinged writing plate in front of a Cabinet with four bays, door, two relapses a Secret and a secret compartment in it for an additional six bays. Two-door top with Central mirrored door, six bays, four secret spurts and 22 Correspondence courses. Brass fittings. Polychrome lacquer painting, gold-plated part. Restored. Traces of age.
Rear fragmentary owner label. Especially in the North of Italy is a large demand for varnish existed in art and lacquer painting. About the trade routes of the Maritime port were cities like Venice or Genoa in the 16th. Century is predestined for the importation of suitable raw materials or style of visual art works. The growing interest and, therefore, the artistic space that the lacquer art in the early 18th century. Century claimed, is reflected in the furnishings of an entire room in the Palazzo Reale in Turin. The type of essay secretaries with chest of drawers part, slanted door, French doors and complex interior life is more of an English Tradition and was recorded by Italian artists, to the elaborate decoration's ideas. The Chinese lacquer painting played the main role. In the style of development and in the form of the Canon show in the second half of the 18th century. Century trends, however, is to blend in with the style of the Rococo.

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