Lot 830. The magnificent candelabra with Meissen pug group

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Lot 830The magnificent candelabra with Meissen pug group
on a gilt bronze mount. Strong plastic relief, openwork Base. Look side, on a rocky hill, the seat of the young Lord, dressed in black knee breeches and white jacket with blue collar, the side of the seat ends, males do pug ends dressierend. The rear ascending, branched, leafy vines, intricately carved so-called Vincennes-flowers, in the middle as Leuchterarm in leaf ornaments in relief grommet ending. Polychrome painting with Gold contouring. Design by Johann Joachim Kaendler and Peter Reinicke. Minim. restored; sword brand. Ges.-H. 25 cm. Figures H. 13 cm. Not only as a lap dog, the pug enjoyed in the 18th century. A century of great popularity, he was regarded as a particularly faithful, and brave. He also became a symbolic figure for the originally in France, founded by the masons dominated the so-called Mops-Orden, and symbolized Loyalty, strength and reliability. Cf. Kunze-kölle sperger, Burda collection, p. 85; Adams, Meissen figures, p. 26. A splendid is bronze-mounted candlestick with porcelain figure of a cavalier with pug. Minor restored. Crossed swords mark. Meissen. In about 1750.

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