RARE iron sculpture OF A BOAR on his THRONE MARICI (ZHUNTI 準 提)

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Lot 11RARE iron sculpture OF A BOAR on his THRONE MARICI (ZHUNTI 準 提)
RARE iron sculpture OF A BOAR on his THRONE MARICI (ZHUNTI 準 提)
approx. 15. Century.with a bottle of pumpkin-brand
A very rarely occurring Form of the goddess Marici, as it is in Sanskrit, which is also a Bodhisattva in the Mahayana. As such, it occurs here also, however, in the rare iconography as a single-headed, two-armed Ashokakanta, sits in Lalitasana on a Sukara (boar). In China it is called the Zhunti, but also Tianhou 天后, "Queen of heaven". It is a very diverse and emerging Bodhisattva (Pusa), the mehrköpfig (including boar's head), vielarmig, etc., and also (especially in Taoism) in a warlike Form can appear. Also, she sits on one of the 7 pigs-drawn wagons. Ashokakanta but can also be Ashokaghanta, namely, then, if you like wearing the attributes ghanta, holding a bell (bell) and the branch from an Ashoka tree. In this very rare presentation of the boar is located on a broad Lotus base with large rows of leaves. The animal looks overall, and particularly due to its arrow-like rear-facing mane is quite combative. Very charming and at the same time but also full of character formed the facial features, emitting the noble essence of a Pusa (菩薩). On the root of the nose, a small Urna. Very finely molded, and the hairline are chains, the jewelry and around the neck and to the navel, and arms and feet. Delicate, the Breasts, the - way rarely - are shown naked, however, with discrete - girlish - swelling. The attributes that are held, are a branch of the Ashoka tree (lost), and a bell which is a Symbol of the Feminine and the wisdom. The hair chignon is - back-side - adorned with jewels, a Band running around the hairline, to flow laterally with small garlands. Age-related increase in the corrosion due to the properties of iron, rust-brown to blackish Patina. On the back is a more precise mark to be detected, presumably characters in seal script within a border in the shape of a bottle gourd.

Expertise: Wolfmar Zacken
From an old Viennese private collection, then the collection of Sohel Chawla., New Delhi - Vienna
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