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Lot 729Sorry, An.
Rough, O. The village in word and image. Nuremberg, Stroefer (1907). Qu.Fol. 36 PP. with color illustration. Title, 12 colour lithogr. Boards u. vignettes from Marie's boots. Colored illustration. OHln. (Publisher's No. 1352).

World of images 502. Ries, 906, 1. SBI 199 u. S. 75 (with picture & color ills. on table 11). Stucco-Villa I, 501 & II, 325 (with color ills. P. 148). Not Rammensee. - First edition of this rare art Nouveau picture book. - "Property, plant, and portrayal of seasonal mood and local color in this book, the Swiss Illustrator Marie boots (1879-1962), a successful connection. It is probably the most beautiful example of Swiss folk art in a picture book, this is strange, appeared in a German publisher (at the same time, also in an edition without Text on cardboard)" (H. Ries in the world of images). - The Zurich-based artist studied at the kunstgewerbeschule in Zurich (1896-1900), and in the Studio e. Grasset, Paris (1900-1903) in Munich and Florence. "In her picture book, "The village" changing atmospheric landscape images with informative, non-fiction-like views of different areas of a farm. The carefully decorated, from the beautifully designed cover page on the title and with ornaments and vignettes decorated pages to the impression of full color plates make the book a particularly beautiful example of the artist's picture book" (V. Rutschmann). Cover slightly dusty, a nice copy.

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