Lot 913. Saint-John Perse (d.i. Alexis Leger).

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Lot 913Saint-John Perse (d.i. Alexis Leger).
Saint-John Perse (d. I. Alexis léger). L'ordre des oiseaux. [Paris:], Au Vent d'arles, 1962. Qu.Fol. With 12 coloured etchings. with aquatint (9 full-page) by G. Braque. 48 P., 3 Bl., 2 w. Bl. Print on paper à la Main du Moulin Richard de Bas, with the watermark "Au Vent d'arles". Black Ohmaroquin by Jean Duval, with blind embossed Rtitel, the lid covered with purple-blue silk, the front with a collaged bird motif to Braque; in OrSeiden slipcase. (The Blue silk slipcase partly. to the Reddish faded and with slight Bereibungen at the corners and weak sciaves pure).

One of 100 Ex., in the pressure indication of the author and the artist, a total of signed (. 152 Ex.). - Vallier 182. - The author wrote the Text to Georges Braque's 80. Birthday. Braque created 12 colored aquatint etchings with bird motifs, which were already since the Thirties an important part of his art. - The etchings partly. with a weak imitation of Browning to the text pages. - One of 100 copies, signed by author and artist. With 12 coloured original etchings with aquatint. Black original morocco helped.

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