Lot 270. Solnhofener font plate with praises to Christ and Mary

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Lot 270 | Solnhofener font plate with praises to Christ and Mary
Dated 1633. Andreas Schuel Holder.

Solnhofener slate with elaborately etched font. Lead plaques. On the left side: HE Allerheyligiste Allerme/ most powerful, Unüberwundlichisi Mr/
Heart Jesus Christ of Nasaret,/ in ewigkheit gethronte Khayser/ Himblischen He Herscharen/ lawyers Immortal Khonig Of the/ throughout the soil, Of the Holy one(s)/
Kingdom of ainige high priest, Cur/ Prince of truth [/
Souls, Ertzhortzog of life, (hor)/tzog of honor, Prince of Judea,/
To Bethlehem Margraue to Zyon, Noble Lord/knight of the Hollisch/ gates(r or z) of the Heyligkheit and/ justice, judges of the live/ active and dead, to All of Our/
Gnedigister patron, and/ from(m)e entered(u)vste love of God.
On the right side: as well As the Allerheyligi/ ste Groszmechtigiste Unsurpassed/
wundlichiste Duchess and Fra(u)v/ Fra(u)v Junckhfra(u)v Maria Be/ kronte Kayserin of the Himblisch/ s Kingdom of Grosz herscherin of the Nine English Horscharen/ Born Kh(o or ö)the Queen (J)of Israel,/ Curfürstin of the acclaimed H. land/ Princess from udea,Triumphant
de Berkh...shepherdess of old(n)/ snakes, The huge on/ wunderin of the Haiden, Sigreich/ verwuesterin the .ho.zer/ Allergewaltigiste Fra(u)v gan/ zen world, The Junckhfre(u)vliche,/ sponsored by the hechsten course oak/ us a gl(ü)klye(s) Neves of the year.
Andreas Peschi Sch(u)using the proxy And. 1633.
In the upper part of the Central area of the Munich Kindl flanked coat of arms of two medallions depicting Christ and Mary. In the lower part of a Reserve, the adoration of the shepherds. 33x20cm. Condition A/B.
Eugen von Philippovich: curiosities, Antiques, Braunschweig 1966. To see Solnhofener stone etching, p. 310ff, to the type p. 315, Fig comparisons.205 and p. 317, Fig.206.

Tablets from Solnhofener slate are to be found in a number of European chambers of art and wonder. In the inventory books are often referred to as Kehlheimer stone, Pierre de Munich or straw stone

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