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Lot 224 | (Strabo
(Strabo Geographicorum lib. XVII. Item epitomae eorundem decem & septem de geographia librorum, nunc primum de Graeco game in Latinum conversae. Basel, J. Walder 1539). Fol. With 3 figürl. Holzschn.-Make in the Text, figürl. \ / P.-Initials (children's alphabet) and 1 (st. 2) Druckerm. 42 (instead of 44; untitled u. d le.w.) Bl., 549 P., 13 Bl. Leather d. 17 Jhts. (Tls. fl., Corners renewed, old, some worm-tracks).

VD 16, S, 9347. Schweiger I, 304. Hieronymus, Griech. Spirit 288. Adams S, 1904. - First edition of the editing Conrad here of Bach, "he has prefixed to the Translation of 1523 new a Translation of a hitherto unprinted ancient Greek Epitome of the 17 books" (Jerome). Without Titelbl. At the beginning of a slightly water-marked sand in the whether. Corners.

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