Lot 1202. South German. Two altar wings with the apostles Judas Thaddeus and James the Younger.

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Lot 1202 | South German. Two altar wings with the apostles Judas Thaddeus and James the Younger.
South German
1460. Each oil tempera on wood. Parket discounted. 61 x 28cm. Frame.
Old Inventory Numbers.

South German Private Property.

- Dr. Michaela Schedl, Kronberg, Germany, September 2016;
- Infrared Recordings, Group Cologne, August 2016.

From the opinion of Dr. Michaela SchedLänge:
"[...] Infrared photography can reveal the preparatory drawings beneath the painted layer of a painting. The two panels in private possession of the contours of the robes, and the face wrinkles are in bold lines, indicated that in places, such as, for example, in the incarnation, through the layer of paint are visible. The juxtaposition of the painting of exported Arms, James' the Younger with the infrared recording, you can see exactly how the painter, in the execution of signed the pre-lines of the sleeve follows the folds (Fig. 15, 16). In addition, are to be seen in the shoulder area of letter-like characters, probably b z + e. different recorded occasions in late-medieval paintings in the drawing, the color information is abbreviated into single letters, or symbols. Such information is, presumably, see on the mantle of Judas Thaddäus (Fig. 17). Here is a letter that seems to be in Gothic script, to be executed "w" stands for. Thus, it could be - as in the martyrdom of boards of Stefan Lochner - the "w" for "white". How to see in the shoulder area of James' characters are to be interpreted remains uncertain.
In the case of the two plates with the figures of the apostles, it is very high-quality works that are still preserved quite well. Originally, they were perhaps elements of wing jak - th of a Reredos, or they could also be parts of still wings. Due to the used soft wood for the frame, it can be assumed that the emergence of the panels in the southern German - speaking region in the South of Germany, Austria, Switzerland. As the above examples show, a Workshop and residence of the painter in upper Bavaria. How can the Apostle panels are dated in private ownership due to the similar formal characteristics, especially in the design of the garments to 1460. [...]"

The full report, including comparative figures we send to you on request via PDF.

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