Lot 233. Tataretus,P.

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Lot 233Tataretus,P.
Tataretus,P. (Expositio magistri Petri Tatareti in summulas Petri Hispanic vna cu(m) passibus Scoti vndequaq(ue) in marginibus sparsis ... pluribus mendis que in prioribus ad libris emendata summaq(ue) accuratioe impressa... 4 Tle. in 1 Band Venice, Melchior Sessa's & Petrus de Ravanis 1518-20. Kl.4°. 5 Holzschn.-Druckerm. u Holzschn.-Diagrams in the Text. AWAY (without Bl. I & IV-V), CVIII, CXXVI, XXVI num. Bl. Late of parchment with hs. Rtitel. (Browned in part, fl., kl. Tear on the bottom edge, in part.).

This edition not in Adams. Rare and early, probably 5. The collective output of philosophical and theological commentaries on Aristotle and the Summula of Petrus Hispanus (Pope John XXI), and therefore of the British Library, under John XXI with similar titles led. - These prints by bibliographer evidence table. - Pierre Tartaret, 1490, rector of Paris University, was one of the most respected Scotisten. The present collective edition was edited by the Magister Martin Molenfelt with the relevant passages from the writings of Duns Scotus and a tractatus obligatoriorm and at the same time with commentaries to Aristotle (Cf. also Wetzer-Welte, XI, 1227f.). - Contains: ...summule domini Petri Tatareti vna cu(m) textu magistri Petri Hispanic iuxta mente(m) scoti...without Titelbl. (Venice, Sessa 1518) & with Titelbl. Commentarii in Isagogas Porphyrii in libros logicorum Aristotelis accuratissime recogniti... - Commentarii in libros philosophy naturalis et metaphysice Aristotelis ... in Aristotelis sex ethicos libros questiones. - 5 Bl. at the beginning of edge of cracked and partly anger changes. Tls. browned u. foxing, occasionally, slightly water-marked sand. In the Blattränd. partially tintenfl. Num. Marginalia by an old Hand. The le. w. S. described. Bookplate removed ugly.

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