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Lot 1157 | Ting, W.
Ting, W. 1 (One) Cent Life. (Edited by Sam Francis, published by E. W. Kornfeld). Bern, Kornfeld 1964. Fol. With 58 (of 62) mostly colored and partly dplblattgroß Original lithograph(n), as well as 15 reproductions. 162 (170) PP., 2 Bl. Loose sheets with colour illustration. Original canvas Cover color illustration. OU.

Castleman p. 208 f. Dittmar 243. From Manet to Hockney 135. Sackner Archives, P. 807. The Only Output. - One of 2000, num. Ex. the normal edition (GA 2100). - It p. 77/78, 83/84 u 103-106 (jwls missing. Original lithograph(s) by Sam Francis). - Famous artist's book, one of the most important publications of the ' 60s. Anthology of poems in conjunction with graphical elements. With Original lithographs by, among others, Pierre Alechinsky (Riviere 324 et seq.), Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Bram van Velde, Robert Indiana, etc.

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