Lot 1082. Tolstoy, L. N.

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Lot 1082 | Tolstoy, L. N.
Tolstoy, L. N. The living corpse. Berlin, F. Schneider (1924). 4°. 3-Vignette and 6 etchings by v. W. N. Masjutin signed. Original half leather with gilt & head goldschn. (Tls. easy lichtrandig).

A v. 200, num. Ex. Pressure note the full-page etching v. artist Tls signed. a little foxing bookplate. - In: Jean Paul. The Rectors Florian Fälbels and his sixth-former's trip to the Fichtelberg. Berlin in 1924. With 13 Copper v. E. Richter. - A v. 500 num. Ex. Pressure note v. artist signed u. v. publisher, Gautier,T. Fortunio monogrammed -. Munich (1922). 4°. With lithogr. Tit. among numerous partly full-page red chalk lithograph(n) v. W. Schmidt. - A v. 250 num. Ex. (GA 340). - v. artist signed - Pocci,F. etchings. Munich (1922). 4°. With 12 Original Wheel. 2 Bl. - - Of a v. 100, num. Ex., v. editor & grandson of the artist Franz Pocci Tls signed. slight signs of wear, together 4 volumes

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