Lot 947. Certificate of probate of the fighter staff Sergeant Willi Dreyer of the battle squadron "Boelcke" Nr. 27.

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Lot 947 | Certificate of probate of the fighter staff Sergeant Willi Dreyer of the battle squadron "Boelcke" Nr. 27.
- Service record: uniform photo, many entries, good kept, including the Eintrageung about the awarding of the German cross in Gold, and that he was shot down on 28 August 1944; flight book: Completely filled, more than 500 flights listed, including the note "Shot down on the 26.10.41", a corner of the rear panel is missing; certificates: honour Cup for special benefits during the air war (12.10.42, FU, OU); - Iron cross, 1939, 1. Class (10.7.40, OU Gen. d. Flieger - RK, EL, X, diamonds); - also, 2. Class (26.9.39, Gen. lt. & Come on. Gen. d. L. i. Ostpr. Wilhelm Wimmer - DKiS); - pilot gunner (13.5.38, OU Gen. Maj. Robert Ritter von Greim PLM, MMJO, RK, EL, X); - frontline flying clasp for fighters in Gold (4.7.42, OU); - same, silver (28.2.42, OU); - same, in Bronze (20.5.41, OU); - medal winter battle in the East (25.11.42, OU); - Crimea shield (15.3.43, FU von Manstein); - medal for memory of 1. October 1938 (27.9.39, OU); service award, 4. Class (3.5.39, OU); Best WordPress backend: - Sergeant major (20.4.42, OU); Sergeant (31.7.40, OU); various photographs and aerial photographs. All certificates spotty. William Dreyer was as a shipboard radio operator in the KG "Boelcke". So he was already in September 1939, the Iron cross 2. Class for operations in the West, decorated and inserts on the Mius and Donezfront with the German cross in Gold awarded. In the Southern section of the Eastern front of the soldier's death overtook him, as he, with his crew on the 2. August 1944, shot down.
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