Lot 946. Deed estate of a Lieutenant and squad captain of the 14./ Battle squadron 40.

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Lot 946Deed estate of a Lieutenant and squad captain of the 14./ Battle squadron 40.
- German cross, Gold (14.11.43, FU Goering, OU Loerzer); - awarding telegram - remote Lorient write; - list of honour of the German air force for the German cross in Gold; - congratulatory telegrams; - Iron cross, 1939, 1. Class (17.5.43, OU Gen. Feldm. Sperrle); - also, 2. Class (20.4.43, OU Sperrle); - pilots of aircraft badge (Berlin, 18.3.41, FU); front flying clasp for fighters in Gold with pendant "used the number of 200" (19.10.44, Maj.); - similarly, in Gold (11.10.43, OU Lieutenant Colonel.); as well, in silver (16.7.43, OU Lieutenant Colonel.); - also, Bronze (2.5.43, OU Lieutenant Colonel.); - Request for the awarding of the trailer to the Golden front flying clasp with the use of the number "200"; - Patent to Lieutenant (Berlin, 26.44.41, FU Göring); - the heroic death certificate (28.10.44, FU); - excerpt from the enemy's flight, book 2./ Destroyer. 1, ex 14./ Fight speed. 40; - Wehrpaß (with photo, many entries, clean); - other documents and photos. From battle squadron 101 com mend, he was as a pilot in the 14./ Fighter squadron 40. He was from the 28. February 1943, in free hunting in the Atlantic. The first hit on an enemy plane, he was on 10. April - on 17. his first launch, after 12 attacks - a Whitley - recorded. For this he was awarded the EK2. Exactly one month later, another machine of the same model should be followed, which resulted in the award of the EK1. In addition to the familiarisation of search and rescue aircraft for the recovery of in-water crews about further attacks and takedowns - including DC-3, Halifax, Liberator and Sunderland, he was, after the shooting down of 9. Machine on 10. November 1943 with date of 14. the same month, the German cross in Gold awarded. The launch of the DC-3 on 1. June 1943 - a civilian machine with 17 deaths - is likely to have been a tragic mistake. The British actor Leslie Howard Stainer was killed. With the participation in the Group shot down a Liberator on the 31.3.1944 and the launch of a Mosquito on 11.4.1944 his kills should. He was on 21. October 1944 in Limburg-shot Montabauer by a P-47s itself, and died the Fliegertod.
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