Lot 950. Deed estate of a Sergeant of the fight, welded wire 1 "Hindenburg" / Kampfgeschwader 40.

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Lot 950Deed estate of a Sergeant of the fight, welded wire 1 "Hindenburg" / Kampfgeschwader 40.
Documents: - Iron Cross, 1939, 1. Class (Lfl.H.Qu., 24.5.41, OU Gen. Feldm. Sperrle - RK, Spanienkr. i. G. m. B.); transmittal letter to the commander of the III./K. G. 40; - also, 2. Class (K.-H. Qu., 24.12.39, OU Gen. d. Fl. Ulrich Grauert - RK, Flugzf. i. G. m. B.); - the air gunner badge (Berlin, 20.5.39, OU Gen. Maj.); - medal for memory of 1. In October 1938, with clasp (Berlin, 8.8.39, OU Grauert); - Wehrmachts-long service decoration, 4. Class (Berlin, 1.4.37, OU); front flying clasp for combat flyers, Bronze (19.8.41, OU); - commemorative certificate of the combat wing 1 "Hindenburg" (3.1.41 - 31.3.41, 2. Season, OU Major); - DLRG basic certificate (with photo, Berlin, 28.10.37, FU); documents: - flight book (8.7.36-7.11.39, 1.-502. Enemy Flights) - Flight, Book (10.11.39-5.9.41, 503.-704. Feindflug); - CV; - photo; - extensive documentation, including with regard to the time in captivity, etc., entry into the Reichswehr on 1. April, 1933, to Transfer in December to the air force and training at the pilot's technical school Jügerborg and in the Juncker aircraft factory. Starting in 1937, then as a flight mechanic and pilot contactors with operations in Poland, France and Africa. During the battle of Britain flight, he attack, which led Him to London, Coventry and along the Bristol channel. The III./ KG 40 was formed by the renaming of I./ KG 1 he heard before, and was with Focke-Wulf Fw 200 equipped. After this he then flew in Africa, including Tobruk. On 6. In September 1941 he was shot down over Egypt, and came into English as a prisoner of war, he spent up to January 1947, then in Australia, and from the he at 6. In March 1947 as a staff Sergeant fired.
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