Lot 243. Vega,A.de the.

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Lot 243 | Vega,A.de the.
Vega,A.de la. Las tres famosissimas comedias del illustre poeta y gracioso representa(n)te Alonso de la Vega. Agora nuevamente sacadas a luz por Joan Timoneda. Valencia in 1566. Kl.8°. With repeated Holzschn.-Vignette a. T. (Portrait Vegas) and repeated Portrait-Vignette (Timoneda). 80 Bl. New half leather with goldgepräg. Rtitel. (Erroneous Date: "1556").

Wilkinson, Iberian books 19175. Only 1 Entry. in the KVK. Very rare. - Contains 3 pieces: The two comedies Tholomea and La duquesa de la rosa, as well as the tragedy of Seraphina. Alonso de la Vega (1510 Seville-Valencia to 1566), a Spanish dramatist of the Renaissance. This edition was reprinted in 1905 in Dresden (society for Romansh literature). - Etw. water sand, Bl. hs. num., in part, just clip., hs. Owned, A Growing Number Of Ex-Libris.

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