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Who sells on «Very Important Lot»

Auction houses

Catalogs from leading auction houses with antique items, from modern and contemporary art: silver, books, numismatics and much more.

Antique dealers

Antique galleries and galleries of modern art offer a large selection of art products in different price categories.


A growing section of professional artists with own artworks: painting, sculpture, art photography and more.

How to buy on «Very Important Lot»

Buy from an auction

Take part in an auction. Rare works of art are always there and it is worth fighting for them. Place your bids online and fill up your collection with unique works.

Buy at auction
Buy a contemporary artworks from the artist

Buy from an artist

Artworks of contemporaries are great for investment and interior decoration. It's original and tasteful.

Buy from an antique dealer

Have you found the right thing with an antique dealer? Contact the seller and discuss the terms of purchase. Maybe you will get a discount.

Buy from antique dealers

How to sell on «Very Important Lot»

For the artists

Are You a professional artist ?
Create an own artist page. Your artworks will be seen by collectors, gallerists and art lovers from all around the world. Sell cost-free and commission-free.

Sell artwork as artist
Sell ​​through antiques shop

For antique dealers

Are you professional antique dealer?
Register an online store and sell antiques to our unique collectors audience.

Choose from the list a suitable role for registration

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